Selling a Franchise – Realizing the Full American Dream

Selling a franchise? Franchising is an amazing industry! The appeal and benefits of owning a franchise are plentiful, but perhaps the most compelling reason is that franchises are a means by which entrepreneurs can confidently pursue and realize the American Dream! The dream of opportunity, freedom, and prosperity in our work!

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The Best Financing Options for Buying a Franchise Resale

Check out these 7 options for financing a franchise resale

Identifying a Franchise Resale that is Financeable

10 Tips on how to know if a Franchise Resale Business can be Financed

You Can’t Beat Gravity: Buy a Franchise

What are some advantages of owning a franchise business compared to an independent business?

Buying the Best Franchise Resale: 5 Marks of a Great Franchise

In this article we share 5 of the most important qualities of a franchise that should be considered when buying a franchise resale

Buying an Existing Franchise: Some Things to Look For In The FDD and Franchise Agreement

In this article we shed light on some of the unique concerns inherent with purchasing an existing franchised business and offer some insight on how to use certain franchise documents to better understand the business being purchased.

Why Buy a Franchise Resale? 8 Benefits to Buying an Existing Franchise

Are you considering the purchase of a franchise? Perhaps you’ve only thought of buying into a new business and starting from the ground up. Have you given thought to purchasing a franchise resale instead? While this may not be the best option for everyone, there are numerous benefits in buying an established franchise business…

12 Tips to Negotiating and Buying a Franchise Resale

Buying an existing franchise business can be a scary proposition. There are so many factors to consider and so many questions to ask that it can feel overwhelming, even within the safety net of a franchise system. The good news is that franchises change hands all the time, and there are simple tactics any buyer can follow to make the negotiation and buying process…

A Franchise Resale Story

I owned franchises in a large national franchise chain. In fact, I have owned quite a few units over the course of 15 years. I worked hard year after year investing time, money, and expertise, slowly growing my own little empire to be proud of…

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